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Sensory Room

Following are pictures of the sensory room. First the equipment is shown with the lights on so that you can actually see the equipment. Subsequent pictures show the equipment in use in the typical low light fashion.

vibroacoustic water bed and interactive bubble tower

On the left is an interactive bubble tower and on the right is a vibroacoustic water bed. Fiberoptic cables hang over the bed.

interactive musical squares

This interactive piece of equipment is called Musical Squares. The touch sensitive pad on the floor corresponds to the lighted squares on the wall. Not only are the squares illuminated when triggered via the floor pad, so are various selectable sounds (including musical notes).

Lighted vibroacoustic ball bath

A lighted vibroacoustic ball bath.

boy in vibroacoustic chaise with fiber optic cables

This boy is sitting on a vibroacoustic chaise with fiber optic cable on his lap and knees.

Here is the ball bath in use.

vibroacoustic chair with fiber optic cable light

Here the child is enjoying the vibroacoustic chaise with fiber optic lights.

lighted bubble tower in the dark

Here is the bubble tower in use in the dark.

optic rain and bubble tower

A colorful rendition - looking at the bubble tower (and it's reflections in adjacent mirrors) through the fiber optic cables hanging over the waterbed.

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